A week of meeting people and finding out what matters to them

A fantastic week of knocking on doors and gabbing with residents – lots of good ideas and suggestions for things to talk about.  I was pretty happy to find out that I’ve picked most people’s biggest concern as my top priority – fiscal responsibility – and a lot of people agree that it’s time to slow down on the spending and find places where efficiencies can be exploited to save taxpayers money.

As an added bonus, I caught this article from the Standard off my Twitter feed last night, and was more than happy with this paragraph:

So far, Gill is the only city incumbent to bow out. But a feisty battle might also be shaping up in the downtown ward, St. Patrick’s, with incumbent Mark Elliott and vocal newcomer Mathew Siscoe debating online and in the editorial pages over city transportation planning, particularly the hot-button issue of negotiating space for both cyclists and motorists.

“Vocal newcomer”?  I think I like that.

(For the record, I think they’re referring specifically to this).


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